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FAQ - Registration, Subscription & Login

I have already registered for CPu, why is my NxtPort ID not recognized by the Shipping Agent?

It's imperative that you have completed the entire registration flow (also the login on NxtPort Console & CPu UI) as described on How to register for Certified Pick up? . If this is not the case, your registration is not visible for CPu. If you are sure you have completed the flow and it is still a problem, contact our Customer Success Team.

I represent multiple branches of my company, do I need to register (and pay the fee for) each separate branch?

The CPu platform requires one registration per legal entity (identified by a Tax ID). So if your company branches all have separate Tax ID's, they need to register as separate CPu companies and each pay the applicable fee. If your company is one single legal entity, only one registration can be made and all users from the different branches need to have a user account of the main entity/branch.

Will I be able to see the releases for another branch of my company on my overview?

A container is released to one single CPu registered company (so one legal entity). See the question above, if the other branch has a different VAT than the main company, its releases will not be visible to the main registration.

Can I make user accounts for different branches (which are also different legal entities)?

You can create a personal account per branch. You can use the same full name & e-mail address, but the username must be unique. You will then have multiple user accounts, meaning you will have to log out and back in again to see the releases for a different branch.

If I only have occasional imports via Antwerp, do I need to register for CPu?

Every company involved in the container import process in Antwerp needs to register, no matter the volume. There is a price tier system for Transport Operators (see Invoicing & payment), but not for Release Parties. You can decide to outsource your Antwerp flows to a local agent, but this choice remains up to you.

Is my company correctly registered for CPu?

You are able to check this yourself. Go to the NxtPort Console, click "Login with C-point" (not "C-point 2FA"!) and login using your C-point credentials. If you can see "Certified Pick up" on the "Data User" tab, it means you have a valid subscription.

My colleagues also need access to CPu, how can I do this?

A company admin will need to invite every user to the C-point registration. We refer you to the C-point manual → “Application_and_Users_Management_User_manual_Company_admin-1.pdf” to see how to do this.

I cannot add extra colleagues in C-point, what to do?

By default, there is a maximum limit on how many users your C-point company registration can support. This is to prevent overloading of the system and encourage a cleanup of old users.

First, check if all registered users are still working at your company. Remove those who left you company and try adding your new colleagues again.

Alternatively, you can request the support team to raise this limit, this comes at no extra charge. The upper limit is 500 users.

The C-point admin for my company is no longer working for us, what can I do to regain access?

Send an e-mail to to ask to be promoted yourself. Be sure to supply your username, company name & APCS code.

Where can I check if I have the correct role assigned?

You can check your role in C-point follow the steps in the C-point user manual → “Application_and_Users_Management_User_manual_Company_admin-1.pdf” section 4.2.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password“ link on the C-point login page. Note: you will need to provide your username, if you don’t remember this, send a message to .

How do I activate the authenticator app?

Since the authenticator app is an external application independent of C-point or NxtPort, we can refer you to the documentation of the respective applications for more information.

Microsoft authenticator app:

Google authenticator app: .

Note that there are more authenticator app providers, but you will need to conduct your own research for those.

Who is my company’s administrator on the C-point platform?

See How to find out who your C-point company admin is?

Where can I find my APCS code?

See How to find your APCS code?

Why do you have two separate identifying codes for one company?

Because C-point & NxtPort are two separate platforms, each with their own need for identification.

What is the difference between C-point Dashboard & CPu User Interface?

The C-point Dashboard (accessible via ) is the general user portal of the Antwerp port community, where all parties involved in port activities can subscribe to and make use of different applications (CPu, e-Desk, APICS, dangerous goods declaration etc.). You can manage your company details & connected users from this portal. See for user guides.

The CPu User Interface (accessible via or through the link on your C-point Dashboard, both ways are equal), also referred to as the CPu web application or CPu UI, is the main screen to use for CPu. From here you manage your containers, Release Rights and so on.

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