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FAQ - Payment, Invoicing & Subscription Fee

The carrier I receive my release from works with SCR, do I need to pay for CPu as well?

Yes, even though you receive the initial release via SCR, the final pick up right is generated via CPu. A registration on CPu is therefore mandatory (see FAQ - CPu and Secure Container Release (T-mining) ) and the subscription fee needs to be payed.

Does each separate company need to pay a subscription fee?

Yes, an agreement has been reached between the Port Authority and the private port community, including the sector federations, about the payment system for CPu. This agreement is enforced by the Port Police Regulations and cannot be amended.

Does registration for CPu cost €2.500,00 per year?

No, the fee of €2.500,00 is only applicable is you decide to integrate the API into your own software. If you only use the User Interface, subscription fees are explained on Invoicing & payment .

The €2.500,00 fee also gives you access to all our other API’s.

cinvio prepayment system

See FAQ - cinvio prepayment system

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