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FAQ - CPu and Secure Container Release (T-mining)

What’s the difference between CPu and SCR?

Secure Container Release (SCR) is an application developed by T-mining to eliminate the use of PIN codes.

Certified Pick up (CPu) is the application developed by NxtPort with the same goal in mind.

The Port Authority has enforced the elimination of PIN codes and the use of digital releases by implementing the Certified Pick up regulation.

Carriers can release containers by using either SCR or CPu, but the final pick up right and audit trail is always generated by CPu.

Why do some carriers use SCR?

Every carrier is free to choose how they want to comply with the Certified Pick up regulation. However, the full audit trail and generation of the final digital key will only be provided by the CPu application. The audit trail must be provided to CPu by SCR and the final digital key must be requested from CPu by the users of SCR. The SCR application will therefore always have to link to CPu in order to be able to ensure the audit trail that CPu performs.

I already use SCR, do I need to register for CPu?

Yes, every company needs to be registered for CPu to ensure that every action in the process can be audited and correctly assigned. As stated above, the final pick up right is always generated by CPu, regardless how the container was initially released.

You will need to link your SCR account with your CPu account as described here: How to link your SCR account to C-point?

Useful links:

T-mining website:

Secure Container Release website:

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