Companies that already use Secure Container Release (SCR), can link their SCR account to C-Point via the SCR admin area.


Before proceeding, please make sure that:

  • your company has a valid subscription to Certified Pick up, as explained in How to register for Certified Pick up?

  • you have logged in to the CPu User Interface al least once (to make sure your registration has been completed)

Link procedure

Step 1 - SCR admin area

The SCR admin can access the admin area via .

Click on “Click here to connect with C-point“.

SCR admin area

Step 2 - login to the C-point application

Please use your C-Point credentials.

C-point login

Step 3 - both applications are linked automatically

Your C-point organization ID is now linked to the account in the SCR app.

SCR - C-point link success

Now, your SCR account is linked to your C-point ID. You can update this link, if required. Your C-point organization ID has been linked to the SCR account as shown in the SCR app.

SCR admin area with C-point link

If you should have any issues with the link, and you are sure you have completed al the prerequisite steps, check out for further assistance.