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CPu for Shipping Agents

When an import container is commercially released, a Shipping Agent typically sends a PIN code to the Terminal and shares this code with the next party in the release chain (e.g. Forwarder, Transport Company, BCO,…). This code, which is required to be granted access to the terminal and release the container, is distributed further in the supply chain until a party, which knows the PIN code, claims the container for pick up at the terminal.

By using the Certified Pick up platform, a Shipping Agent will not create and distribute a PIN code to the Terminal, increasing the security of the release chain. Instead, the Shipping Agent sends the commercial release information towards the Certified Pick up platform, which vouches for a secure transfer of the “Release Right” until it is assigned to an entitled transporter to pick up the container at the terminal. The code to release the container will be sent via a secured and audited communication channel towards the Terminal.

In CPu, a Shipping Agent:

  • Submits a Commercial Release, once the release requirements are met (eg payment by shipper);

  • Identifies who receives the first Release Right (= Release Right Owner). Identifying a Release Right Owner can be done in the same step when submitting a commercial release by indicating the ReleaseTo party OR in a later step (eg carrier haulage or ReleaseTo party that is unknown to the platform);

  • Can Revoke a previously given Release Right (resets to process) at any time;

  • Can Block or Unblock a Release Right ( eg when agreements with the shipper are not met);

  • Can Update the release parameters (eg terminal code) of the container;

  • Can delete a Commercial release (eg perished goods inside container, agent not able to find solution with cargo owner).

You will receive updates through notifications on the following actions:

  • All status changes of containers for which you sent in the commercial release (including terminal and customs information)

  • Information concerning the Release right transfer if you are the receiver or the original owner of the release right

  • When a Pick-Up right is assigned successfully.

Integrate CPu into your own software using the API

CPu is designed as an API-first product, to ensure maximum stability and performance.

The use of API integration is highly recommended for Shipping Agents. We advise you to start by reading Getting Started with the API integration .

Using the CPu User Interface

As a Shipping agent you can use the User Interface, in extent to our API.

The link can be found in the upper right corner of this page.

We have provided a manual tailored to the use for Shipping Agents which can be found here:

CPu UI User Manual Shipping Agent v2.1.pdf

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