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Cinvio Registration


As a Transport Company in Certified Pick-up CPu, you are required to use a pre-payment system if you wish to use the User Interface UI. We have partnered up with cinvio, a third party application providing the possibility to use a prepaid ‘wallet’ with credits.

Every action you take in the UI will deduct credits from your wallet.

To get started you will need to have an account with cinvio as well.

Pair CPu to cinvio

Follow these steps if you are a transport operator and need to get access to the CPu UI.

You will have encountered this during your registration process:

1. Choose an option

Click the “Register” button of the “Web Interface Only” option. The other option is only applicable if you wish to integrate the API connection.

2. Click “Create an account” or login on cinvio

Click on “Create an account” or, if you already have a cinvio account, fill in your email address and password to login.

cinvio Login

3. Register on cinvio (skip this step if you already have a cinvio account)

Fill in all fields and select your type of activity, then click “Next”.

cinvio Registration Company

Fill in your first name, last name, email address and phone number and click “Next”.

cinvio Registration User

Check your details, accept the terms and conditions and click “Register”.

You will see below screen, indicating your registration has been processed.

Once your request is approved you will receive a confirmation email to complete your registration and set your password.

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