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Certified pick up v3.16.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 3.16.0!

Release date

This version is released on 16th of April 2024 to UAT.

Release to PRD of this version is suspended until further notice.



  • As First Release Party or Transport Operator, I want to revoke a release right that had been revoked from me before. Given an FRP / TRO is taking part in a new chain of release right transfers, they can revoke the release right from entities lower down the chain, as long as it hadn’t been revoked by a party higher up the chain.

Bug fixes

  • Ship Agent received a double notification when a commercial release is updated

  • No actions can be taken for archived commercial releases (e.g. delete, transfer, assign pick-up,…) and no notifications are sent to other stakeholders other than the organisation requesting the action

  • Update terminal code via new experience: TerminalCode was not changed when updated within range of aliases for TerminalNxtEntityId via new experience

  • Overrule Customs light: validity of token from authentication with Alfapass is respected

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