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Certified pick up v3.11.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 3.11.0!

Release date

This version is released on 19th of December 2023 to UAT.

This version is released on 27th of December to PRD.




  • Transfer release right: “role” column has been added and it’s possible to transfer to any entity with Release Party or Transport Operator role

  • Accept + decline release right: “search” step with “terminal” filter has been removed, whenever the user clicks to accept or decline he sees the incoming release rights available to accept / decline

  • Release Party: “Bill of Lading” has been added as search parameter in transfer release right, revoke release right and search containers features


  • As Ship Agent using SCR I want to assign a pickup for Barge or Rail in CPu

  • As Ship Agent using SCR I want to revoke a pickup for Barge or Rail in CPu


  • Customs light didn’t change to “PORTEQUALISATION” with color “YELLOW” when a GateIn message was sent by the Terminal Operator in an out-of-order scenario. Documentation for sending GateIn via API has been updated since “EquipmentStatus” attribute in the request was missing. Port Equalisation is solely set for Import containers.

  • When an Alfapass was assigned to a commercial release, this was visible as well for Ship Agent role. From now on, the assigned Alfapass is only visible to the Transport Operator.

  • Customs light notifications not delivered for Terminals with “releasedByDefault” config for Terminal Release light.

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