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Troubleshooting "failed user creations"


As described in the tutorial for creating new users for an existing entity within the scope of the eECD use case, when creating new users as an entity admin, these users need to be given correct Platform roles.

In the diagram below, you can see the different roles that apply to the different type of entities within the eECD scope.

Error message when creating your account

In the event where there were no roles defined for a new created user, the user will not be able to complete his registration. He will have received an email with the invitation and is able to enter a password in the signup screen.

However, when completing the step, an error message will be shown.

Should the user receive such a message, the user account will remain in the status "pending". This automatically creates a ticket in the NxtPort service desk allowing us to further assist the user with the below steps to complete.

Solving the "Pending user" issue

  1. Contact the entity administrator and send him the link to this page. In case you are not aware who the admin is for your organisation, open a support ticket or reply to an existing ticket. 

  2. The entity admin needs to login to the NxtPort console and edit the user account that was not able to complete it's registration. The status of the user will be listed as "Invited"

Click on the edit button

In the new screen, click on the + button underneath the "eECD roles" title

Select the corresponding roles as defined in the adjacent table

Click on the "Save" button

The user is now able to register again to the platform. The synchronisation with the eECD platform will function as expected. In order to do so, the invited user needs to click again on the email he received from NxtPort allowing him to choose a password. 

This needs to be done within a week of the original invitation as the invitation only lasts for this period. Should this period be over, please open a support ticket allowing us to further assist you.

Once the user has re-entered his password and confirmed the step, he will receive a confirmation message. He is now able to use the application. As an admin, the status of the user is now set to "Active".

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