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Print eECD documents

By definition, a digital eECD process should run without paper and a digital eECD should never be printed as pdf document because it brings no added value in a paperless driven supply chain where users should be able to exchange data and collaborate without exchanging printed papers. This is also the starting principle within the eECD project.and therefore a printed eECD is of no use and is marked as “This not a valid copy”.

However, because some people in the chain still want to receive/see a pdf copy as helping aid and because there is a transition time required to make the move from paper to digital, there is still the option foreseen to issue/download and print an eECD pdf copy once the eECD cleaning transactions are completed and signed off by all parties. This “frozen” eECD pdf electronic copy is also filed in the decentralized digital eECD archive of each supply chain actor and this a as frozen document and copy for later consultation if this would be required.

The first time an eECD pdf can be printed is after cleaner and driver signoff.

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