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Invalidate eECD

The option “invalidate eECD” allows to switch from the digital eECD process to a paper ECD process after a digital cleaning has been completed and signed off by the cleaner. Such scenario might occur due to a sudden change in transport planning where the dispatcher wants to re-assign his equipment from an originally planned eECD cleaned container to a paper ECD cleaned container and where the new assigned loading location is not yet ready to accept a digital eECD. In other words, the cleaning process that originally started as a digital eECD process is continued on paper so the loader/loading operator can signoff manually on the manual paper ECD.

When an eECD is invalidated, an eECD credit is being reversed while the eECD number is being used. At the same time, the eECD status turns “INVALID” , a status which recorded in the eECD booklet and on the eECD pdf.

This API call is under construction. Contact support for more info.

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