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Fix an empty screen

Fix an empty screen

In some cases, most likely after updates of the eECD application, it might occur that you run into a white empty screen after successfully logging on into the Eclic/eECD application.

This issue is most likely linked to a caching problem. Caching, used to optimize the speed of the application and the overal user experience, stores images and text into the local storage of your browser or computer. When a new version of the application is published, this may lead to inconsistencies and therefore "crash".

Option 1 - Hard cache clearing

In order to easily clean the caching of your browser (Chrome), follow these steps: 

Open the eECD application in your browser ( )

Login to the application, showing an empty screen

In Chrome, activate the "Inspect" mode or the "Developer Tools". Depending on your operating system (Windows/MacOS), you can either go to "View" > "Developer" > "Developer Tools", hit the FN12 (function 12) button or right-click your mouse and open it from there. This will show a new black box on the bottom of your screen. 

Now go to the "Refresh Page" button on your browser main control panel and Right Click the button. You will see the option to "Empty your cache and Hard reload" the page. Click this button.

Your page will refresh and you should be able to see the eECD application again.

Option 2 - Remove browser history

Alternatively, you can also follow these steps to delete your browser history, also resetting your caching. 

  1. Go to google chrome settings, located beneath the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner

  2. Choose in the menu for the "Browser history" and select it, opening a new screen

  3. Click the “Remove browser history” link on the left side of the new screen

  4. Choose the option to delete the browser history for the last 7 days.

  5. Please login again into the eECD application.

The process is similar in another browser. Important is to remove any pending cookies that block the user to re-access the eECD application.

Should the problem persist, be sure to create a support ticket as you might have the same issue as other users of the application.

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