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F. EquipmentOperator adds a non-registered load (eg. at startup)

This is an important feature when an equipment is used for the first time within the digital eECD process. In this case for sure, there is no load history within the eECD booklet. The “add a non registered load” functionality allows the EquipmentOperator to add the last or even the last 3 previous loads to a new equipment record. The same flow could be used when a non-eECD licenced party has been loaded a product in this equipment. In this step, the EquipmentOperator can specify the previous loads per uniqueEquipmentID – compartment. In such case, the EquipmentOperator can attach a “proof or evidence” of the previous load as an attachment (eg ECD, CMR).

Please note that a non registered load (NRL) cannot be amended; It can only be cancelled and a new NRL record can be added. A NRL can also not been saved when a cleaning has already started and this for compliance reasons.



User adds 'previous load' document to booklet

 this is called a “non registered load”

User search first for the equipment ID where a NRL needs to be added. Then press “add non registered load” button.

User adds non registered load by specifying:

  • Loading date (most likely a date in the past!!)

    • Product name or description

    • UN nr

    • Comments field

  • any attachment as proof previous load (eg CMR, or SDS info)

When saving, a check is done based upon loading date and to ensure no cleaning has already started on this equipment. Error message appears at the moment of saving that this load cannot be added.

 These attachments are only visible for the cleaner and are not transferred to the loader for reason of compliance.

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