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eECD release 19.1

Release date: 12-10-2022

This document summarizes the changes made in release 19.1.

Search integrated loading location

1. Basic information 

A search bar is added in the integrated location management screen to allow integrated seller be able to search for loading location

License: Integrated seller

2. Search for loading location in the integrated location management screen

We added following call: 

GET v1/products/locations/integrated/search?search=[search key word]

This call can be made by a user with the integrated seller license.

Note: It will return non-paginated list of loading location of the integrated seller.

Response sample:

        "id": "08f9fac9-e9de-43c7-8480-a6786fe10711",
        "version": "08f9fac9-e9de-4e46-a3eb-f6a533889f28",
        "sellerId": "b216b662-6edd-4656-b58b-0163a69a9e31",
        "sellerName": "BASF Antwerpen NV",
        "subgroup": "Test001",
        "productId": "08f9cd85-cb4f-4f29-8c51-16eca52748fb",
        "productName": "Bert green001",
        "loaderId": "7a937e99-5a62-4fcc-865a-000000000001",
        "loaderName": "Nallian",
        "description": "bert green dest",
        "uniqueReference": "TEST001.*|PLANT001|SHIP001|*|STORE001",
        "specifiers": {
            "plant": "Plant001",
            "storageLocation": "Store001",
            "shipPoint": "Ship001",
            "specificLoadingLocation": "",
            "buildingNumber": ""

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