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eECD master data

Before companies can exchange data messages some reference or master data are required to be defined clearly upfront so they can be re-used on an as needed basis throughout the digital collaboration process. Within the digital eECD process, each organization is responsible to set up and maintain a minimal set of own master data so that the digital eECD process can effectively work. The minimum set of reference master data required to set up such collaborative & digital eECD process, is described in this eECD master data section. Needless to add that this minimum set of master data is Use Case dependent. It is not because these data, are defined and exists, each company can simply re-use these data for other digital Use Cases. Both ECLIC and each individual company owning his data set, keeps an eye how these master data fields are being used and this as part of their governance model.

We make a distinction between the following eECD master data:

  1. eECD company organization data: These data are part of the company registration process and are typically provided when your organization & users are set up with the eECD licence type(s) and roles.

  2. eECD equipment master data: These data refer to a set of equipment master data fields provided by the EquipmentOperator to facilitate the digital eECD cleaning process.

  3. eECD product master data: These data refer to a set of product master data fields provided by the Seller to facilitate the digital eECD cleaning process. These product master data serve also 2 other meta data structures used within the digital eECD process:

    1. product safety data describing the product characteristics

    2. loading location data describing the loading place where products can be loaded.

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