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C. Driver eECD signoff

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that at pick up of the cleaned equipment, the cleaning service has been performed according to the EquipmentOperator/Transco cleaning request. If ok, the driver signs off by using the eECD application (device) of the cleaning station. If not ok, the driver does not sign off and asks for extra cleaning before he leaves the cleaning station….

The driver may not always do a physical check and might trust the cleaning station, but he remains responsible and accepts the cleaning service by signing off. By signing off, he also accepts the additional comments made by the cleaning station in field 11 (eg. one hose missing, hose damaged …).

If a mutual trust relation exists between the equipment operator and the cleaner, a cleaner may check ‘unaccompanied cleaning’ upon creating the cleaning request. The eECD will be created as normal , but the cleaning action will be considered implicitly signed off, as if the driver had given his signature. Both the cleaner as well as the equipment operator pay one credit for usage of the application. No further driver input is necessary.



Cleaner user opens the correct booklet for equipment E and opens the last cleaning action document from the planned cleaning list; eECD status = “completed”

Truck driver adds his name and signature (no password authentication) using sign on glass

Fields to complete:

  • Field 15 on ECD (name of driver + signature)

  • any further driver comments

If the CleaningOperator knows that no driver will be available for signoff, and there exists a trust relation between the EquipmentOperator and the cleaner, he can decide to start the cleaning as an Unaccompanied cleaning. In stead of completing the cleaning, the cleaning is immediately signed off on behalf of the driver. Both parties spend a credit as if the cleaning were first completed, and then signed off.

 eECD status in the eECD after driver signoff is now ‘signedoff’. The eECD compartment cleaning status is “green”

it happens that additional comments need to be made by the driver (example: new seal numbers to be added; seals are not fixed properly and need to be redone; …).

At this point, the eECD is valid (and ‘frozen’ as it cannot be changed). Consequences:

  • the eCED can now be printed, downloaded as pdf or emailed

  • in case in step D (=assign load) , the EqOp has already assigned this “cleaned” equipment to a transport order (meaning there is a planned load assigned), the Loader will now already see this transport order and the eECD cleaning action and can do an eECD pre-validation to prepare for his “GATE check in” prior loading and arrival of the physical equipment.

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