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Support - How to create a new issue

In order to use the eECD support desk, please follow the steps below, allowing for an easy follow-up of bugs, improvements or questions.

Open the eECD support desk and login if you have not already done so. Please ensure to check that the ECLIC logo is shown, and that you are not using another NxtPort support desk. 

Select a topic, best describing the reason and urgency of your support ticket.

Fill out the fields in the next step. Please be as complete as possible when describing your content. This makes it easier for our support agents (that may or may not be fully aware of all details) to answer accordingly or assign the best person to help you. 
You can add screenshots or files by either uploading them or clicking "PASTE" (for screenshots)

In case you belong to one or more project teams, please select the corresponding project in the "Share with" dropbox, just above the "Send" button. Please be aware that other users belonging to the selected project will be able to see the issue, comment on it and, if applicable, receive notifications

After successfully creating a ticket, you will receive an e-mail notification with the confirmation.

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