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Eclic company and user registration

Introduction & objective

This eECD Company registration User guide is written with 3 objectives.

In PART 1, it is explained how a new eECD Admin User can register a new company/entity for the eECD Use Case on the NxtPort platform after the company has decided to purchase an eECD licence. The eECD admin User obtains hereby a eECD User account and password.

PART 2 explains how an eECD Admin User requests ECLIC to activates its eECD Licence as per eECD subscription form and accepts the NxtPort terms and conditions for ECLIC. In addition, it is explained how a user can access the eECD application to process digital eECD’s.

PART 3 explains how an eECD Admin User can create additional new company users on the eECD- platform via the NxtPort console and this within the scope of the eECD requested Licence. In addition, it describes how the eECD admin user can manage its users and company data including how a User can reset his/her password or can be deactivated.

Firewall & supported browsers

Check firewall & internet browsers used within your company

Some companies use internal firewalls preventing access to external applications. In order to login to the NxtPort console, the eECD application and other user support applications related to the eECD use case, your network needs to whitelist the following domains:

If not enabled, the eECD application may render wrong results or not work at all (eg you obtain a white screen, get blocked in login loops, ...). Please contact your internal system administrator or security office for further assistance.

The NxtPort console does not support the use of Internet Explorer when using or subscribing to the NxtPort platform. We strongly recommend using a different browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) to ensure that no unwanted errors occur during the registration process.

Part 1. the eECD admin user registers an entity on the NxtPort platform

After the admin user has obtained an approved eECD subscription form through ECLIC, the eECD admin user can define his own company account on the NxtPort platform using the NxtPort Console. Within this step, the eECD admin user registers his company for the eECD Use Case and creates a personal admin account & password. We recommend you have the eECD subscription form information at hand with the right VAT and/or DUNS numbers as these are mandatory input fields.

Step 1: Registration

Enter your (company) e-mail address and click on the continue button. On the next screen enter your personal data (First Name & Last Name).


  • The eECD admin user is typically the name of the person who will deal with the eECD application within your company. If you work with an IT department it can be the name of the IT administrator who will be in charge of managing the eECD application and will create and maintain the eECD application user roles and accounts. The first registered eECD Admin User can assign later on another (backup) admin user once registered.

  • Within the scope of the eECD use case, the first person registering for a company will automatically become the administrator on the NxtPort platform. It is not supported to register a regular user directly. The company admin will need to create additional users as explained in part II of this User Guide.

  • When an eECD Admin User tries to subscribe for an entity or company that is already subscribed or already exists (by using either the same VAT number or company name), this Admin User will receive an error message that blocks a new subscription. In this case, this User should contact the already registered eECD Admin User within his entity or organisation to create a new user account.

It is important to enter the same company information as on your ECLIC approved eECD subscription form. These data will be the data used operationally within the eECD application and is the company data that will appear on the eECD document if relevant.

Click on the “Next” button after you completed all (mandatory) fields

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an e-mail to complete the registration. This might take a few minutes. In case you don’t receive an email, it might be possible that the e-mail appears in your SPAM or JUNK folder as per your company SPAM filter settings.

Step 2: e-mail verification and password setting

Click on the link in the e-mail you receive to set your password.

After clicking on the link in the e-mail you will be redirected to the subscription flow where you can set your password. This password will be the one to use both on the NxtPort platform as well as in the eECD application. Please be sure to follow the suggested password rules. We strongly recommend using a strong password.

You will also be asked to accept the NxtPort Terms & Conditions.

Click on the “Finish” button to complete your registration.

After setting your password, you receive a final confirmation message with a link to login to the NxtPort console.
This confirmation is also sent by e-mail. In this e-mail you can find two url links:

  1. A link to the eECD community platform where you can find technical documentation, explanatory videos and files to manage reference/master data (after login)

  2. A link to reinitiate the subscription to the eECD use case, should you accidentally close the browser.

Part 2: subscribe for the eECD use case and request your eECD license activation

Now that you have a valid eECD admin registration account to the NxtPort platform, you can continue to subscribe to the eECD USE case solution.

Click on the "Request Subscription" button and use your earlier obtained e-mail and password to enter the NxtPort console. For security reasons, you are not logged in by default. You need to use your recently created account with corresponding e-mail and password to continue.

You are automatically redirected to the eECD subscription form. In case you do not see the below screen, you can copy this URL in your browser:

Select the corresponding eECD roles for which your entity/company has subscribed as per your approved eECD subscription form. After you accept the eECD specific terms & conditions and click on the “Save” button, you receive a confirmation notification.

Your subscription request is sent to the ECLIC community manager. As soon as he/she approves the access request, you receive an email.

Once ECLIC has approved and activated your eECD licence (after eECD licence payment), you have now access to the eECD application and digital eECD process using the login ID and password. The NxtPort console and the eECD application are using the same “single sign on” password.

You can login to the eECD application via the url link below and using the your same admin login credentials:

By clicking this link you obtain the following eECD application login screen

Part 3: set up additional users via the NxtPort console

See for user guides on the NxtPort Console.

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