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Archive eECD

Today and as per general ECLIC policy, the historical eECD records are only temporarily kept on the eECD platform till the equipment booklet contains 3 eECD entries per equipment ID - compartment (=3 eECD full cleaning cycles). As soon as the fourth eECD entry record is added, the oldest eECD record is

(a) removed from the eECD booklet

(b) deleted from the platform, in accordance with the ECLIC community requirements and eECD API data sharing rules.

Every participant or actor contributing to an eECD record (the equipment operator, the cleaning company and the loader) is and remains responsible to archive their own eECD records for quality, insurance and auditing purposes and this as done today with the paper ECD process. An archive search functionality has been added for the limited historical digital eECD records kept on the eECD platform as per general rule explained above. To further save time and effort, the ability is created to move the archived eECD’s automatically to an email address of choice and to store/keep the eECD PDF prints electronically before they are removed from the platform. Within the eECD archive, the eECD digital attachments linked to the electronic eECD are also digitally archived (up to 5 max attachments) per eECD.

The eECD admin role can in addition indicate how long his/her own eECD records are retained on the eECD platform with a retention period upto max 360 days. Thereafter,also these private eECD records are removed and deleted from the eECD platform.

Archive Approach

(a)    Storage:

Each organization can at organization level indicate the required duration of their own archive (in days, 0 indicating no archiving is desired for that organization and this up to max 360 days) . Each participant is able to set his eECD records storage timeline (in days) [HH3] for his own eECD records with max one year.

The archive is fed with new eECD records

  • Directly on “driver signoff” for Equipment Operator and Cleaner.

  • In case of unaccompanied cleanings, on “cleaner signoff” for Equipment Operator and Cleaner.

  • at the moment of “complete load” by the Loader, if the eECD wasn’t already archived for that Loader (which is possible in case of multiple loads).

  • the cleaner has been invalidating an eECD (and when eECD number is consumed)

(b)    Retrieval:

The following user roles should be able to access the archive with only their own records and authorized data fields.

  • eECD admin user role. The eECD admin role maintains the archive parameters

  • product manager

  • Location manager

  • Loading operator

  • Viewer (so far only for the loader role)

API call for retrieval returning the same structure as the current eECD API call returns. Limited search parameters can be added.

The search fields of the archive are defined per role in a new CR 16 bis. Amongst the archive search fields are:

  • eECD reference number

  • eECD cleaning order reference number

  • Identify own Cleaner, EqOP or Loader Organization (check multi-licence)

  • Equipment ID 

  • eECD transport order reference number

  • eECD cleaning station

  • eECD loading location (via integrated Seller method)

  • from to date search on eECD TIME OUT date

  • from to date search eECD driver signoff date

  • from to date search eECD loading completion date

As an output result a pdf is visualized. The API gives access to the individual data fields on the pdf version which can be saved and archived.

 (c)    Forwarding

A forwarding option is foreseen where the eECD pdf with attachments is emailed to a common email address each time the archive is fed; This email address is defined by the eECD admin role within the eECD application.

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