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Renewal of handshake agreements


As a Data Provider for an asset that uses handshakes, you can maintain the agreements you have with the users of the asset and start a new agreement (updating your tariffs included!).

Once you have entered your new offer, the admin of the company will need to accept the offer through their access to the console.

The steps in the process for both Data Provider and Data User are described below.

As a Data Provider

In the menu on the left-hand side go to your Data Provider menu and click on the Asset you want to update the agreements for. (here, we went for Import Consignment!) and click on the data sub-tab “Data”.

There you will find an overview of the agreements you have with different Data Users and from there on you can click through on “Reply” in the action column

(we are aware the name of the action is not quite indicative and will improve this in the future)

You will then see adjacent screen:


You can enter the new pricing you would like to become active.


You can enter a message for the data user that will be included in the email sent to the admin account.


When you have entered all data above, click the button “Renegotiate offer” to trigger the email to the Data User. They will then need to accept the offer (see below for the data user part on how to accept.


In case you want to stop the Agreement, without renewing, you can click the button “Stop Agreement”

Renewal handshakes: is the delay during which the agreement will be active.

Transaction (NxtPort) is the fee that will be paid to NxtPort by the Data User (usage based monthly invoicing).

Total : is the total fee the Data User will pay (NxtPort + Data Provider fee).

Back : will take you back to the previous screen without saving any data you entered.

Once this is done, an email will be sent to the Data User for which you have updated the agreement. They will need to accept the offer, which will then take effect as of the next transaction.

As a Data User

As a Data User, when you have taken a subscription on an Asset for which Data Providers can set a fee, you will have closed an agreement at first. Data Providers can update the fees they request for the usage of their data. These actions can all be handled through the NxtPort Console.

When a Data Provider updates the pricing, you will receive following email:

Click on the link in the email where you can “View this information in the NxtPort console”, which will require you to login to the NxtPort console.

The link will bring you directly to the Agreements screen, where you can either Refuse or Accept the offer. Please note that by refusing the offer, you will no longer have access to the data of the Data Provider that sent you an updated offer.


Transaction (NxtPort) : This is the standard fee for usage of the API.


Data (data provider) : This is the fee you will pay on top of the usage of the API on the Data used for this Data Provider.


Total : This is the total of #1 and #2 = the total fee you will pay per request for this Data Provider.


Remarks : You can add a remark here, which will be transferred to the Data Provider.


Decline Offer : This will end the agreement with the Data Provider. You will still be able to use the Asset you are subscribed to, but you will no longer have access to the data of this data provider.


Accept Offer : This will change the pricing of your current agreement as from the next transactions.

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