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How to participate as Import Consignment data user?

Due to the end-of-life status of Import Consignment, we currently offer limited support on the onboarding process.

As a data provider

As a shipping agent you can participate to the NxtPort use case by providing your CUSCAR messages. Doing so enables your customers and subcontractors to look up the consignment info and reuse it digitally. This can be a commercial advantage, and could save you time answering questions about your CUSCAR content.

To start sharing your CUSCAR messages, contact NxtPort. We make it easy for you to get your data on the platform and start sharing it through the API.

You always keep full ownership of your data and stay in control of who gets access, through the NxtPort Console. We provide a full audit trail of who used your data, and when.

As a data user

Possible users of this service are customs brokers/agents, forwarders and importers.

To use this access-controlled API:

My company is not yet registered on the NxtPort platform

After registration, proceed to subscribe to Import Consignment below.

My company is already registered on NxtPort

Click on the below link to start the subscription process. You need to log in as company administrator to do this.

Request data sharing offers from the Data Providers in the NxtPort Console.

See Handshake (Data Users Perspective) for a tutorial.

Selected shipping agents receive a notification and need to individually approve your request.

You are now ready to start using Import Consignment. Continue to How to use Import Consignment? to find out the next steps.

Need any further information? Do not hesitate to contact us via the NxtPort Support Portal.

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