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Import Consignment

Please note that due to the new customs digital regulations MASP-C , the current implementation of Import Consignment is reaching its end-of-life.

Further development on this service is suspended until customs has reached an agreement with the port community on how to proceed.

Support on this service is limited to best-effort, NxtPort will continue to assist existing subscribers with any issues but cannot guarantee any service level.

We advise you to implement and exercise fallback procedures in case we cannot assist you in a timely matter.

The Import Consignment service returns the consignment data as it is received in the CUSCAR messages from the shipping agent. These CUSCAR messages are sent in to customs to declare the cargo discharged at a terminal.

You can re-use this cargo data digitally in your software and as such:

  • avoid retyping

  • reduce human errors

  • use harmonized data formats

  • avoid misinterpretations

All information is available digitally, based on unique identifiers of the cargo.

In order to retrieve the data from this NxtPort service, you need to provide a unique key (combination of BL number/Container number or BL number/Vessel stay), which identifies the cargo objects.

Need any further information? Do not hesitate to contact us via the NxtPort Support Portal.

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