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How to use Export Manifest?

How are automated export manifests generated?

There are two ways the automated manifest can be processed:

  1. The terminal operator sends the COARRI LOAD files for every loaded container to NxtPort. The NxtPort platform consolidates this information per vessel (based on vessel call sign & stay number) and per carrier (based on the carrier's SCAC number) and sends this information to e-Balie.

  2. The shipping agent completes a template Excel file containing all loaded containers and submits it to . Port+ uploads this file to the NxtPort platform, where it is processed the same way as above. The final manifest is also sent to e-Balie.

Where can I find my manifests?

The manifests are visualized in the e-Balie application ( ) on the “Export - Export Manifest” tab. Check out the e-Balie User Manual (see below) on how this application works.

Why is my export manifest not visible?

There are several possible issues which could cause an export manifest not to show up on your e-Balie overview.

  1. You're too soon - export manifest are generated 12 hours after the ATD of the vessel. This time buffer allows the terminal to send in all necessary COARRI LOAD files before the final manifest is processed.
    Check - "Find a stay number [...]" to see the ATD which was registered with the port authority.

  2. The vessel/carrier information provided in the COARRI LOAD file did not match the information available to NxtPort. For example, the vessel call sign has changed, but the terminal operator still uses the old information. No automated match is possible. NxtPort gets notified of this mismatch, but it’s possible we cannot intervene in a timely matter. Raise a request from the options below to contact the support desk.

Why is my export manifest not complete?

When you see a lower number of containers in e-Balie than have actually been loaded.

In 90% of the cases this is because not all COARRI LOAD files have been processed yet (or are sent with a delay by the terminal) but the manifest has already been sent a first time to e-Balie. When NxtPort has received the remaining files, it will automatically be updated in e-Balie. No action is required from your side, re-check e-Balie again after some time.

If you still think there is a mistake, after ATD + 12 hours, contact the support desk via the forms below.

You can edit and correct the export manifest in e-Balie yourself as agent. This is useful if only a small amount of units are not visible. Check out the e-Balie User Manual (see next topic) on how to do this.

Where can I find a manual on how to use e-Balie?

Check out the C-point download center:


Nederlands - handleiding - NL 10.2022.pdf

What do I have to do when I cannot send my export manifest to the customs authorities in time?

When you notice your export manifest is still not visible after ATD + 12 hours and you have contacted the support desk, it’s possible there has been a technical error causing your manifest processing to fail. The support desk will inform you about the error and, if the error cannot be resolved, ask you to apply for the customs emergency procedure.

You will have to apply for the customs emergency procedure as described on the following pages:

Note: the emergency procedure must be raised by the submitting agency itself. Following customs guidelines, NxtPort & C-point cannot raise a procedure on your behalf.

Contact the Support Desk

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