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Handshake (Data Users Perspective)


This feature of the console lets Data Users contact Data Providers with the question to start sharing data for a specific API. Next to asking permission to use data this feature also enables the two parties to agree on the Data Fee for this API.

This feature is only available to the administrators of the console, regular users will not be able to go through this process. Initially this feature is only available for the Import Consignment API, this will be rolled out for other API's in the future.

Accessing the Handshake Feature

Go to the NxtPort Console and login to your account. Go to the 'Data User' tab and select the Import Consignment API, next you click the 'Data' tab.

Overview of the Data User Perspective

Under the data tab you will see from left to right the process that needs to be followed from the perspective of the Data User, each step has his own tab. When going through the process the request will move from left to right with each step depending on the actions taken by the Data Provider.

Brief explanation per tab:

New Provider

When new Providers start providing data for a specific API they will appear on this screen. You can send them a request to access their data by clicking 'Request'.

Request Sent

When your request is processed and sent, the request will shift to this tab.

Request declined

When the Provider does not want to share data, the request will shift to this tab.

Offer Received

When the Provider wants to share data with you and he sends you a proposition regarding pricing the request will shift to this tab.

Offer Declined

If you cannot agree to the proposition of the Provider and decline, the request will shift to this tab.


When an offer is accepted by both parties the agreements is placed under this tab.

Send a Data Request

Send a new data request

View your pending requests

  • Go to the 'New Provider' Tab and click 'Request' next to the Data User you want to ask for data.

  • You will get to see the screen that is illustrated below, the fields with light grey texts are filled out automatically and cannot be edited.

  • Fill out the 'Remarks shared with data provider' field. Although this is optional we strongly recommend writing a message to the Data Provider as this will certainly have an influence on the responsiveness of the Provider.

    • Tip: The flow that was built for this feature is quite straightforward and does not allow for communicating back & forth via the console. We recommend adding an email address or telephone number so the price can be negotiated parallel with the console. When an agreement is reached regarding the price you can can then continue using the console.

  • Finalize the request by clicking the 'Send Request' box, the request will now move from the first to the second tab 'Request Sent'.

  • The Data Provider will receive an email with a link that will redirect him to the console there he will be able to answer to request.

React to an Offer

  • Once the Data Provider has answered on your request you will receive an email (as illustrated below) with the proposition of the Provider and a link that will redirect you to the console. The request will now be placed under the 'Offer Received' tab.

    • When the Data Provider has no interest in sharing data and the request is declined then the Data Provider will also receive an email in which this is explained.

  • By hovering over the circled 'i' you can read the message/remark that the Data Provider has sent you.

  • Click 'View Details' to read the proposal that the Data Provider has made.

  • If you agree on these terms, click 'Accept Offer'.

  • Consequently the offer will be moved to the 'Active' tab. The data sharing can now commence and the Data User will be billed by NxtPort afterwards the data fees are deposited to the Data Provider by NxtPort.

  • By declining the offer at this stage you terminate the flow indefinitely. If you want to receive data against a more favorable pricing-agreement contact the admin of the Data Provider using the contact info mentioned in the remarks.


  • Renewal of Agreement

    • The renewal of agreement period is the period in which the Data Provider cannot edit his data fees. This function is a built-in protection for the Data User as he can be sure that is this period the prices can't be changed without their consent.

    • The period start once the agreement is reached. If no actions are made by  any of the parties the period is tacitly extended for the initially agreed upon period.

    • None of the parties receive a reminder when the end of the period approaches. With future releases of this feature both parties will receive an email so they can renegotiate the pricing before the period ends.

    • During the Renewal of Agreement period pricing can be changed by the NxtPort support when both parties reach a mutual agreement.

  • Personal Contact Information

    • It is desirable to always attach personal contact information to your message so that the Data Provider can contact you to reach an agreement.

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