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Data User Documentation (NOTN)

Register your company in the NoTN community

To register your company for the NoTN platform, use the link you received from the community administrator.

Enter your (company) e-mail address and click on the continue button. On the next screen enter your personal data (First Name & Last Name).


  • The NoTN admin user is typically the name of the person who will deal with the NoTN integration within your organisation. The first registered Admin User can assign later on other (backup) admin users.

  • The first person registering for a company will automatically become the administrator on the platform. The company admin will need to create additional users as explained in part II of this User Guide.

  • When an admin User tries to subscribe for an entity or company that is already subscribed or already exists (by using either the same VAT number or company name), this Admin User will receive an error message that blocks a new subscription. In this case, this User should contact the already registered Admin User within his entity or organisation to create a new user account.


Complete the mandatory fields for company information and headquarters

It is important to enter the same company information as your IPCSA membership to ensure an approval by the community manager


  • In case your billing address is different from the headquarters address, you can toggle the slider to enter another billing address.

  • In case you use a VAT number that already is listed, you will be able to send a request to the entity admin linked to that VAT number to create a new account

Click on the NEXT button. If the mandatory fields are completed and the VAT number is not yet listed, you will receive the below confirmation message, followed by an email to the provided e-mail address.

Step 2 - Confirm your email address

Click on the link in the e-mail you receive to set your password.


After clicking on the link in the e-mail you will be redirected to the subscription flow where you can set your password. Please be sure to follow the suggested password rules. We strongly recommend using a strong password.

You will also be asked to accept the general NxtPort Terms & Conditions and the NoTN Community Terms & Conditions.

Click on the “Finish” button to complete your registration.

After setting your password, you receive a final confirmation message. You have now successfully set up your entity on the NoTN platform. This confirmation is also sent by e-mail.

Once the request to join the NoTN community is approved by the community admin, you will receive an additional email to confirm your membership approval.


Subscribe to one or more NoTN API’s

On the NoTN marketplace, you can find all functional API’s to which you can subscribe.

Click on the API you wish to subscribe.

In case you are not yet logged in, you are transferred to the NxtPort login screen. Enter your NoTN enabled user credentials.

Click on the “Subscribe” button and select the environment for which you wish to subscribe (most likely, only Live is available) and accept the applicable Terms & Conditions for usage of the API. Click on save to complete your subscription.

You receive a confirmation message, showing your subscription has been received. Depending on the settings of the API, the asset manager will receive an automatic e-mail with the request to approve your subscription. Once the request has been approved, you will receive an email message to confirm this

You will now be able to go to the NoTN console and make handshakes with the data providers.

Get your API key and Client ID

  • The client ID will be used to identify your software and get an authentication token from our platform.

  • The API key is used to verify if you have a valid subscription on a specific API

API key

You can find the relevant API keys in the Data user section of the NoTN console (link acceptance, link production).

Select the API for which you want to retrieve the API key and click on the “Live” button.

You can copy the API key easily to your clipboard by pressing the Copy icon next to it.

Client ID & secret

Your client is manually created by the NxtPort Support service. In order to request a new Client and key, you can create a ticket

Make handshakes with the data providers

Once you are successfully setup as a data consumer, you will need to make a digital “handshake” with the available data providers. This is done in the Data Provider tab via the NoTN console.

Go to the Data Consumers overview and click on the “Live” button of the subscription.

Open the “Data” tab. You see a list of all available IPCSA members that provide data via the API.

Request access to the data of another member

As a data consumer you can request access to the data of a Data provider for the specific API from this screen. Click on the “Request” button for the relevant Data provider. This will open up a form to contact the data provider.

You can add a message and click on “send request”. This will send an automatic e-mail to the Data provider, allowing them to send you an offer.

Confirm an offer from a data provider

Once the data provider has confirmed (or denied) your request, you will receive an email. In the NoTN console, the offer will be listed in the tab “Offer received”. Similar to requesting an offer, you can confirm it, creating a digital handshake between your entity and the data provider. As of this moment, you can access the data from the data provider.

You are now ready to start with the real work and integrate the API’s!

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