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Manage your data as a data provider

This guide shows how you, as a data provider, can manage your data through the NxtPort Console.

Provider tab

Click the 'Provider' tab in the left column.

  • You can see to which API's you are currently providing data.

  • Click the 'DETAILS' block to manage your data

General Settings

  • You can chose to either allow or not allow usage of your data. When the box is blue this indicates that data usage is allowed.

  • By setting the slider to no, you will automatically stop sharing data with all subscribed data users. Please be aware that this may lead to problems at the side of the data users.

  • When data users request to have access to your data you can either allow this automatically or you can allow this individually. By default, new subscribers need to be approved by you in order to start using your data. By auto-approving new subscribers, you will not be required to manually manage this within your organisation. 

  • By completing the notification e-mail address field, notifications about new subscribers will be emailed to the provided e-mail address.

Manage the data user access

  • This screen allows you to give access to your data for the registered data users.

  • Unless the general setting is set to "auto approve new subscribers" on the general settings tab, new data users will have no access to your data by default

  • You can allow or deny users by changing the checkbox. Don't forget to click on the "Save" button to store the changes.

The "access via role" is not activated. This feature will roll-out in the future.

Check the usage of your data

In the "Usage overview" you can get an overview of who has been using your data over a defined period of time. It is possible to export the data to CSV.

  • It is possible to change the date for a period of up to 3 months.

  • You can get an overview per day or per hour, allowing a check of the popular timeframes during which your data is accessed.

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