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User Management


This document describes the User management within the NxtPort console. Users that are created within the scope of the NxtPort platform are able to 

  • Make API calls

  • Use the User Interfaces of Bulkchain, Import Consignment & ETA Terminal

Different login providers

Certified Pick up, Qronoport and Visigip use two types of user credentials:

  1. End users and entity admins, managed by C-point

  2. API or system users, managed by NxtPort

Depending on the role you have, you will need to use either "Sign in with C-point" or use your NxtPort user credentials. It is not possible to enter your username and password from C-point into the NxtPort username and password fields.

Create a new API user

Open the NxtPort Console. Be sure to use the corresponding authentication provider link when you login.

Login with NxtPort

Login with C-point

When you are successfully logged in, you are redirected to the Console Dashboard.

Now click on the “My organization” tab on the left menu.

Console Dashboard

If you are logged in with a user from another authentication provider (eg C-point) you will not be able to edit information of users that were synced with that provider.

You are only able to create, edit and delete additional users.

Please be aware that these users are not synced back to the authentication provider and that you cannot use an e-mail address of an existing user.

It is also not possible to sync a user via the authentication provider as soon as an API user has been created via the NxtPort console.

Now click on the “Users” button on the right side menu to open the overview of your users.

My Organization

Click on the button to create a New User.

Enter a value in all the mandatory fields and click on the Save Button.

Create a user

If you are using an authentication provider, we suggest to enter a value in subdivision (eg API users) to quickly find the API users in the list of users.

If applicable, select the roles for this user. In some use cases, this may have an impact on what API calls the user is allowed to perform. An e-mail will be sent to the user, allowing him/her to complete their profile and select a password. Once completed, they will be able to access the NxtPort console and perform API calls. 

Edit, disable or remove a user

Go to the User overview screen and click on the Edit button of the user you wish to edit.

User overview

If you opened a user that was synced from an external authentication provider, you will see a warning message on top of the screen: This user is linked with external entity provider APCS. Some functionality is limited.

This user cannot be modified. Please refer to the authentication provider information to manage this user.

On this screen 

  • You can request a password reset in case the user no longer has access to his account

  • Edit the information and the applicable roles of the user

  • Remove the user from your entity

User information

When you remove a user, it will not be possible to create a new user with the same e-mail address. Please contact our support team for further assistance.

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