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Reset your NxtPort password

On this page you can find out how to reset a forgotten password for the NxtPort platform.

This guide is only applicable to the NxtPort platform. If you’re looking on how to reset your C-point password, check out the user manual on

Incorrect Password

When typing an incorrect password the following error-message will be shown: 'Error: Username/password is not correct'.

  • Make sure to double check both password and email address

  • Click the 'Troubles with login?' link

  • On the new page fill in the email address with which you have registered

Incorrect password

Resubmit e-mail

Submitting new password

  • After submitting your e-mail address an e-mail is sent within 10 minutes (make sure to also check your spam folder)

  • Click the link 'Reset Password' box and you will be redirected to the page illustrated below, on which you should enter a new password

Reset password

Make sure you follow all the instructions concerning length and characters:

  • A password that does not meet all the requirements will not be accepted

  • Bear in mind that the link provided via e-mail is only valid for one week

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