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Register on the NxtPort platform


On this page you will find the steps you need to take to register yourself/your company on the NxtPort platform.

Note: this procedure is not applicable for Certified Pick up. Refer to for the required registration process.

Start the registration

To register an account on the NxtPort platform, go to

Register as a company

  1. In order to start using data from the NxtPort platform, it is required to enter your e-mail address and (if applicable) your company information. 

  2. Fill in all compulsory fields, indicated with an asterisk.

  3. Click NEXT.

Enter your e-mail


  • In case an account already exists for the provided e-mail, you can use the "Forgot password" link.

  • Only register as a company when you are the first within your firm to do so. The registration flow performs a check based on VAT number.

  • DUNS & EORI fields can be completed after you are registered.

Enter your company details

Email Verification

To complete the registration check your email address, an email will be sent with a link to register and set a password.

  • The email should be sent within 10 minutes. If refreshing your inbox does not work, please check your spam folder.

  • To verify your email address click the CONFIRM EMAIL box.

Email verification

  • You will be redirected to the page where you can set your password.

    • Set your password and click the FINISH box. Make sure to follow the instructions, a password that does not meet the requirements is not accepted.

  • When you are registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation message and an email.

    • An approval for new registrations might be required. In case you are in search for the status of your registration, please create a ticket through the helpdesk.

Set your password

Registration finalized

When you have set your password, you are correctly registered on the NxtPort platform. Go to the NxtPort Console and login with your e-mail address (= username) and password to start your journey.

Registration successful

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