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Notification Management


For most use cases, NxtPort uses a notification system that allows you to be alerted on your configured webbook URL's whenever your supply chain partners make changes that generate an update for you. We support the HTTP REST protocol.

Certified Pick up notifications

Certified Pick up uses our improved notifications 2.0 functionality which is slightly different to setup than the legacy system. Follow the steps on to get started.


Bulkchain also uses the Notification system to send updates about changes on orders, visits, goods and stakeholders. To setup your webhook, go to the NxtPort Console.

Configure your notification channels

Login with your credentials and go to "My Organization" and select "Notification Channels".

Click on the "Add notification channel" button

Default Select this value to be default available for all Use Cases (other then Certified Pick Up). This setting needs to be selected for Bulkchain to function.

Enabled Select the checkbox to enable your channel

Channel type:

  • Webhook (Preferred) 
    Configure an HTTP endpoint to which all your notifications will be sent. Enter the URL in the Address bar. We will send the notifications with a POST method.
    In case you would have an API key or require API user credentials, you need to enter them as Query parameters in the URL. So, for instance:

  • Email Configure an e-mail address for receiving notifications
    This is only intended for test purposes. Larger files may not be sent to your email channels, so this is not allowed to be used for production environments.

  • FTP/SFTP These methods are currently not configured for any of the existing API's. Please contact our support team in case you are interested for these custom solutions. 

Select a notification channel 

Other API's currently don't allow you to select a specific notification channel. Each of the notifications that is generated within the API/Use case, will automatically be sent to each of your active and default notification channels. To filter the information that needs to be sent to one or another channel, we advise you to use the "Asset" name in the notification content itself.

All notifications for Bulkchain are sent to the Notification channels that have the checkbox of "Enabled" and "Default" activated.

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