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Login to the NxtPort platform

On this page you can find out how to log in to the NxtPort platform.

If you need to log in for a C-point application (Certified Pick up, VisiGIP), you need to check the ‘Login with C-point’ section.

Login with NxtPort

To login to the NxtPort Console, enter your username (= e-mail address) & password and click LOGIN.

  • If you want to avoid typing your email and password on a daily basis click the 'Remember me' box, your login data will be remembered for one month

  • In case you have forgotten your password, you can click on the 'Troubles with login?' link. See Reset your NxtPort password for more details

Login with C-point

When trying to login with a C-point account follow these steps

  • Click the 'LOGIN WITH C-POINT' box. You will be redirected to the C-point login screen.

  • Insert your Username (this is most likely not your e-mail address) and password to get access to the NxtPort Console.

For more information concerning C-point, visit .

Login with C-point

C-Point login screen

Successful Login

When the login is successful the following screen will be shown, the user name is displayed at the top right corner.

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