A terminal operator has to notify the Belgian Customs about export containers / vehicles leaving the EU when arriving at the place of exit. As a terminal you can participate to this use case to deliver the necessary info to Customs for all containers that were declared through the e-Balie.

The 'Arrival at Exit Service' unburdens terminal operators to send each Arrival at Exit of an export container to Customs.

With the 'Arrival at Exit Service' you get a ready to send Charge Report to Customs. Terminal operators only have to be connected to e-Balie and share their "gate in full" moves on the NxtPort-platform which is mapped to the requested Charge Report format.

As a terminal operator you always will be able to keep track if the Charge Report message is accepted / rejected by Customs Authorities.

Charge Reports are submitted via the e-Balie application, either through XML integration or the web application.

If you have any issues with Charge Reports, contact support@c-point.be for further assistance.