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How to find your CPu registration number / NxtPort ID?

The CPU registration number (also known as NxtPort ID, NRI or NxtEntityId, everyone makes up their own words) is a unique identifier assigned to each registered entity. The ID consists of the letters 'NXT' followed by the last two digits of the year in which the entity was first registered and a random combination of numbers. The NxtPort ID is often requested by our support team to identify the entity asking for support or other parties to set up a connection.

Go to the NxtPort Console, click the red button "C-Point" (not "C-Point (2FA)"!) and login with your C-point credentials. Note: you need to be a C-point company admin to do this (see How to find out who your C-point company admin is? ).


C-point login

In the Console, go to “My Organization”

NxtPort Console - main page

You will find your NxtPort ID as highlighted here:

NxtPort Console - My Organization details

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