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Certified pick up v3.9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 3.9.0!

Release date

This version is released on 21st of November 2023 to UAT.

This version is planned to be released on 6th of December to PRD.



  • As Transport Operator I want to revoke a release right in bulk

    • This feature in the new experience allows a transport operator to revoke releases in bulk. Moreover, it’s possible to revoke releases that have been accepted by the next entity.

  • As Transport Operator I want to search for containers

    • This feature in the new experience allows a transport operator to search for containers by shipping agent or equipment number.

  • Gate-out greenlight color is changed to “green” when a gate-out is received for the container

  • Technical improvements related to automated testing and infrastructure


  • Cleanup for old registrations data that caused for example CCRM messages not being linked to a commercial release.

  • Fix for Transport Operator Identity not mentioned in pick-up assigned notification to Terminal Operator and when a Terminal Operator would request release details via in case of a release and pickup that was created via SCR

  • Fix for pickup validation call status incorrectly represented

  • Fix for assign pickup in UI

  • Fix for “unknown error” when searching containers by terminal via new UI

  • Fix for loading error on dashboard metrics in new UI

  • Fix for release right transfer to release party and transport operator role in new UI

  • Fix for terminal “block”, “release” and “selectforscan” features in UI

  • Fix for inadequate text description in Search step in new UI

  • Fix for alphabetical orderring of entities in transfer release right in new UI

  • Fix for Means of Transport being unknown whereas a pick-up is assigned in new UI


On 13th of December 2023 a hotfix was deployed on PRD for Terminal Discharge and Terminal Release messages that were not properly linked with a commercial release. Whenever the commercial release was received by CPu before these terminal messages and when the terminalCodes used are an alias of the terminalCode mentioned on the Commercial Release.

An alias for terminalCode can be used in terminal messages, however those should be communicated to NxtPort support so that those can be mapped.

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