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Certified pick up v3.6.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 3.6.0!

Release date

This version was released on 11th of October 2023 on UAT.

This version is released on 25th of October 2023 to PRD.



Overall container release logic is made more strict taking into account following lights: CommercialRelease, PickupLight, TerminalOperation (Terminal Discharge), TerminalReady (Terminal Release) and Customs

  • Impact for overall release right status in UI:

    • GREEN → all lights are green – container is ready for pick-up

    • YELLOW → at least 1 light is yellow, the others green – container can be picked up under some condition (eg. selected for scan)

    • RED → when at least 1 light is grey (default value for Greenlights will soon be adapted to red) or red

  • Impact for “status” in pick-up validation calls via API:

    • “RELEASED”: all lights are green

    • “SELECTEDFORSCAN”, “FAVV”, “TRANSHIPMENT”, “PORTEQUALISATION”: at least 1 light is yellow, the others green → status reflects the value of the light with color YELLOW

    • “BLOCKED”: when at least 1 light is grey (default value for Greenlights will soon be adapted to red) or red

  • Please note that CustomsProgress and GateOut are ignored in determining the overall release logic


  • As Shipping Agent I want to create releases in bulk via UI

    • This feature was introduced so that there’s a fallback mechanism and more efficient means to create releases manually.

    • A set of generic parameters has to be provided and a csv file with variables such as EquipmentNumber can be uploaded.

    • An example of this csv file with dummy data can be downloaded on this page: examplecsvupload (1).csv

  • Improvements for the driver list feature for transport operators

    • Alfapass visible in search result when updating a pick-up from new screens

    • Previously provided data emptied in fields when adding a new driver description

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix for an alfapass number that is still visible when a pick-up is updated to barge or rail

  • Bug fix for a release that could not be created with identical equipment number and bill of lading when the previous release had been deleted (reported by a shipping agent on release 3.2.0)

  • Bug fix for deleting a container via UI when it had been transferred and accepted by a release party


  • Refresh token mechanism has been disabled. Instead, whenever a token is expired, CPu will request a new token.

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