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Certified pick up v3.2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 3.2.0!

Release date

This version was released on 16th of August 2023.




  • Alfapass is shown as plain number in the UI, the “mask” (eg. ****76) has been removed. We’re currently in a transition mode with the old masked alfapass numbers ****XX. This means that pickups assigned before this release still have a masked Alfapass, pickups created after the release show the full Alfapass value to Shipping Agent and Transport Operator roles. The reasoning for this feature is to make it more manageable for Transport Operators to know which driver is assigned.

  • Transfer release right: receiving entity validation has been added. This blocks transferring the release right to a non existing entity.

  • [bèta UI - new experience] As Release Party I want to decline release right(s)

    • This feature allows a release party to decline multiple release rights per terminal or entity offering the release right.

  • [bèta UI - new experience]: As Release Party I want to search containers

    • This feature allows a release party to search for any active container they are release right holder for or that they have forwarded.

  • Fix for duplication of meansOfTransport field in the UI

  • General improvements for error handling, more descriptive errors are shown in the UI


  • “Clearing” messages that result in Customs Progress light change to “PartiallyCleared” are optimised for the many to many relationship between Container and BillOfLading. As a result all releases where an exact match can be made with at least 1 BillOfLading is updated with Partially Cleared maximum once. This is an indication that Customs Authority is busy clearing and releasing item(s) for a bill of lading of a container.


  • As Release Party / Transport Operator I want to revoke a release right I have already forwarded

    • This feature enables Release Party / Transport Operator roles to revoke a release right from another entity, the precondition is that you should have been release right holder. In other words, a release right can be revoked from any entity following the chain of command. If a pickup is assigned, this will be revoked as well to avoid that the container can be picked up.

    • The feature is available via existing “revoke” capabilities in API, the capability will be made available in the new experience UI soon.

  • Fix for user and role based access control in UI

  • Notifications: “CCRM” and “NGPS” sublights are not returned anymore in notifications with greenlights included (for example for Get Release Detail), “Customs” was already given and is still present in such notifications.

  • Terminal discharge: bug fix for terminals with multiple terminal codes

  • Bug fix for meansOfTransport stating “null” in notifications whereas a pick-up is assigned.

  • A wide set of automated tests covering the most important scenarios for CPu have been implemented.

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