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Certified pick up v3.0.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 3.0.0!

Release date

This version was released on 19th of June 2023.




A bèta UI or new experience has been introduced for Shipping Agents, Transport Operators and Release Parties. This facilitates managing multiple containers at once, depending on specific capabilities that had been identified for a stakeholder.

Transport Operator:

  • Decline Release Right

    • This feature allows a transport operator to conveniently decline multiple release rights at once.

  • Assign Pick-up for truck

    • This feature allows a transport operator to conveniently assign multiple drivers at once.

  • Update pick-up for Barge / Rail / Truck

    • This feature allows a transport operator to update a pick-up from barge, rail or truck to a new pick-up for barge, rail or truck, for multiple containers at once. The “old” pick-up will be revoked.

  • Search for notifications

Release Party:

  • As Release Party I want to view my home screen with a dashboard, manage and consult features

    • This feature is a new dashboard for release parties with metrics about incoming, outgoing and declined releases.

  • Accept Release Right

    • This feature allows a release party to accept multiple release rights per terminal or entity offering the release right.

  • Transfer Release Right

Shipping Agent:

  • Block/delete/revoke release right: possibility to add a reason


  • Vessel Number has been replaced by IMO Number



  • Means of Transport:

  • Notification disabled to entity X-1 when a release right is transferred from entity X to entity X+1

    • This improvement avoids transparency if parties would work with subcontractors. Notifications of a release right transfer are limited to transacting parties and the shipping agent.

  • Bug fix for Equipment Number “Unknown” in notifications; this could have caused issues with for example retrieving notifications by Equipment Number.

  • Fix for performance issues while retrieving notifications.

  • General optimisation improvements and smaller bug fixes.

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