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Certified Pick up v2.25.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 2.25.0!

Release date

This version was released on 06 MAR 2023.



  • New unique identifier ‘ReleaseId’ generated when creating Commercial Release

  • Now a reason can be provided when declining & revoking a Release Right

  • Shipping agent can provide reason when revoking, blocking & deleting a Commercial Release

  • Commercial Release expiration date set by system when not provided by Shipping Agent (+ 60 calendar days)

User Interface

  • Simplified release right status

  • New properties commercial release contract: VesselNumber and StayNumber

  • Extra filter when selecting company for Transfer → NxtEntityId



  • Extra filters for query notifications by releaseId and storedOn

  • New unique identifier ‘ReleaseId’ included in ReleaseLight notifications

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