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Certified Pick up v2.3.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 2.3.1!

Release date

This version was released on 25 APR 2022.



  • Automatic expiration of release rights once valid until date is passed

  • Bugfix: Transfers from shipping agent to terminal are now no longer possible

  • Bugfix: deleting an already transferred release right could generate an error

User Interface

  • Add support for "Carrier-haulage" indication in commercial releases

  • Driver list dropdown searches on a complete data set

  • Loading time outs for users with big data sets should occur less frequent

  • Container subscriptions are updated after the creation of a release right

  • Removed ‘received from’ filter on Shipping agent view

  • Terminal filter now also takes the terminal code into account

  • Help button with link to support desk and documentation

  • Alfapass number mask now appears for every party in the chain

  • Driver alias, updated error message when creating a duplicate driver alias

  • Bugfix: Each event in container event history now has a unique timestamp

  • Bugfix: fixed several instances where a generic validation error was sent instead of the actual validation error details


  • Bugfix: Pickup validation failed when not providing (optional) B/L number in input

  • Add support for "Carrier haulage" indication in commercial releases


  • Bugfix: Commercial release creation with transfer action could result in receiving an unexpected error notification

  • PortLoCode is now filled in for GreenLight notifications

  • New API call to retrieve notifications by EquipmentNumber, PublicReferenceId or ExternalReferenceId

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