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Certified pick up v2.27.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 2.27.0!

Release date

This version was released on 12 APRIL 2023.

Hotfix on: 16 MAY 2023



  • A Terminal Operator can validate a pick-up for barge or rail, API only.

  • A Transport Operator can assign a pick-up right for barge or rail, API only.

  • A Transport Operator can revoke pick-up right for barge or rail, API only.

  • Processing of customs messages for commercial releases:

    • Documentary Control (PLDA) (and NCTS since hotfix on 16th of May): Customs Light (red) = DOCUMENTARYCONTROL

    • Transit (NCTS): Customs light (red) = TRANSITCONTROL

    • Clearing (PLDA): Customs Progress light (green --> will be changed to orange in release 2.30) = PARTIALLYCLEARED

Hotfix – 16 May 2023

  • Customs messages: new status FAVV (yellow) for Customs light

  • Customs messages: TRANSITCONTROL disappears as customs light status and is replaced by DOCUMENTARYCONTROL, this implies that customs messages from NCTS will result in a DOCUMENTARYCONTROL status, except in case of FAVV.

  • Fix for excess amount of notifications (for example multiple updates of Customs Progress light “PARTIALLYCLEARED” → “PARTIALLYCLEARED” for 1 commercial release)

  • Fix for time-out in retrieving notifications via API: GET /notifications endpoint

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