We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 2.15.0!

Release date

This version is released on 29 OCT 2022.



  • Update customs light to PortEqualisation when CODECO-IN is import container

  • GATE-IN Location of Loading is being used instead of Location of Discharge

  • Safety check on Transfer: previous transfer should be accepted

  • Removed cache for GreenLight registrations

  • Fixed bug - Alfapass number is reset after every pick up action

User Interface

  • Fix for pagination on Subscription Overview


It is now possible to:

  • update terminal per vessel in bulk

  • update commercial expiry date in bulk

  • update max. 1.000 Release Rights in one bulk operation


  • No GreenLightChange notification for Terminal Operator on archiving TerminalReady light