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Certified Pick up v2.13.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Certified Pick up version 2.13.0!

Release date

This version is released on 24 SEP 2022.



  • Correct greenlight value for CCRM when terminal alias is used and CCRM is received before commercial release

  • Mapping on the ReceiptPortLoCode from CODECO IN

  • Registered green light info in cache partially applied

  • Export containers (from CODECO OUT & COREOR) are ignored

  • Improved green light registrations linking to release right

  • Update green lights only if the new green light value is different from the old value

User Interface

  • consistent use of terminal names

  • blocked container cannot be accepted by next party

  • user friendly message when created commercial release already exists


  • blocked container cannot be accepted by next party


  • Terminal Operator receives notification when commercial release is updated

  • After transfer of a Release Right, pending party receives notifications on update/revoke/delete/block/unblock commercial release

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